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E.g., 07/21/2019
E.g., 07/21/2019

2019 National Officer Election Candidates’ Online Statements Posted

Statements by candidates for national union office are posted on in accordance with Article 11.3.c.2 of the APWU Constitution. To view the statements click here and follow the log-in instructions for the Members Only section.

Tackling Workplace Harassment

The newly formed Workplace Environment Committee met on July 11-12 at the Tommy Douglass Center in Silver Spring, MD to correlate mediums, methods and procedures to deal with employee-employer relations on the workroom floor. Established by...

Stay Informed About Your Union

Award on Use of "Kelly Girls"

A national-level award by Arbitrator Das on the Postal Service’s use of temporary agency employees.

More on New FECA Regulations

The March-April 2012 issue of  The American Postal Worker addressed significant changes to the administrative policies of the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA). Other important changes are outlined below.  

Ensuring Financial Stability

A sufficient amount of money in savings accounts can protect you from unexpected financial hardships, such as those associated with illness or divorce. Financial advisors recommend that everyone have at least three months’ salary in the bank for...

Award on Applicability of TCOLA to Promotion Pay Anomaly Payments [pdf]

This is an NALC case in which the APWU intervened. The issue was whether the Postal Service's failure to pay Territorial COLA (TCOLA) as part of the promotion pay anomaly payments due under the June 13, 1990 Memorandum of Settlement of case number...

e-Team Report, Nov. 2, 2013

With so much at stake, the time for workers to VOTE is now! Congressman Calls USPS Plan to Cut its Way Back to Financial Health Unworkable Supreme Court to Hear Cases that Could Devastate Unions Senate Republicans Block Nominee to Important Federal...