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E.g., 12/11/2019
E.g., 12/11/2019

Message from the President: Stop the USPS Sell-Off & Say NO to a Privatizer Postmaster General!

Postmaster General Megan Brennan has announced her departure as PMG effective Jan. 2020. The PMG has wide powers to shape the misison and service of the USPS. The PMG will be selected by the Postal Board of Governors. Call on them to appoint a PMG...

URGENT: We’ve Reached the House, Now Let’s Take the Senate!

This week, Senators Steve Daines (R-MT) and Bryan Schatz (D-HI) introduced Senate Bill 2965. This legislation reads identical to its’ companion bill in the House (H.R. 2382), which will repeal the pre-funding mandate put into place with the 2006...

Stay Informed About Your Union

350 Retirees Attend St. Louis Older Americans Month Luncheon

  More than 350 people attended the St. Louis Retiree Chapter's annual Older Americans Month Luncheon on May 9.  Thanks to the work of Local President Frederick Wolfmeyer and retiree officers Shirley and Melvin Sanders, the event grows each year. ...

Maximization Dispute Appealed to Arbitration

The APWU has appealed to national-level arbitration a dispute over whether the Postal Service is obligated under Article 7.3.B to maximize the number of full-time regular duty assignments by combining all regularly scheduled work hours of non-full-...

The War at Home

Pollutants from open-air burn pits, fires and clean-up operations are believed to be causing serious health problems for our military men and women. At least 1,000 troops and veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have mysteriously fallen ill....

New USPS "Observation of Work Practices" Forms Appealed to Arbitration

The APWU has appealed to national level arbitration the creation of two new USPS "Observation of Work Practices" forms.

Preserve Private-Sector Jobs in Southern Ohio

An APWU drive to organize several hundred workers at DHL’s ABX “hub” in southwestern Ohio has shifted gears: The APWU is now at the forefront of a community-based campaign to try to preserve approximately 7,000 jobs.