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E.g., 02/26/2024
E.g., 02/26/2024

APWU Announces Dedication of Headquarters Boardroom to President William H. Burrus

February 23, 2024
APWU has honored the legacy of former President William H. Burrus by renaming the National Executive Boardroom at APWU Headquarters in his memory. 

Maintenance Capable and Non-Maintenance Capable Dispute Settled

February 15, 2024
APWU and USPS management have settled National Dispute USPS NO. Q18T-6Q-C-21160044/APWU No. HQTT20210109

Casual Compliance Reports

Casual Compliance Reports are provided to the union on an accounting-period basis so that the APWU can monitor management’s adherence to Article 7.1.B. of the National Agreement. These reports are listed in reverse chronological order, i.e., the...

Maintenance Job Training Selection

Local management may not use non-scheduled days as a criterion for Maintenance Craft job training selection, because doing so limits the number of potential applicants and excludes viable candidates.

Right-to-Work? – Wrong!

"Right-to-work” sure sounds good. But “right-to-work” laws, which are being promoted and passed in many states around the country, are wrong for workers and wrong for America. These laws make it optional for workers covered by union contracts to...

Post Offices on the Auction Block

The APWU has long warned that the pro-privatization agenda being advanced by USPS executives and right-wing legislators is a big-time rip off for citizens and businesses that rely on the mail.