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E.g., 06/27/2024
E.g., 06/27/2024

A Notorious Part of History: May 1933: The Dissolution of Labor Unions in Nazi/Fascist Germany

May 23, 2024
This month in Labor History, we look back at the dissolution of labor unions in Nazi/Fascist Germany in May of 1933. As authoritarianism takes a dangerous hold in the United States, this is a lesson from Nazi Germany that should be a wakeup call for...

Understanding "Financialization" and How to Defeat It

May 23, 2024
What is “financialization” and why is it detrimental to the working class? The Campaign for Postal Banking explores this topic and the importance of responsible and sustainable financial services.

Avian (Bird) Flu Safety and Health Information

The Postal Service has issued an updated "Safety Talk" covering the mailing of birds and avian flu. In addition, the following information is provided to give you further information and to address concerns regarding protecting yourself.

Avoid the Crisis of Foreclosure

Millions of American homeowners are facing financial difficulties because of the way their mortgages are structured. Some borrowers did not understand the risks of a mortgage tied to fluctuating interest rates. Others borrowed more than they could...

As Deadline Nears, APWU Keeps Up the Fight

Time is running out. We are quickly approaching the May 15 expiration of the moratorium on the closure and consolidation of mail processing plants and post offices. The moratorium is intended to give Congress the opportunity to pass a bill to...

PSE Pay, Sunday Premium

For many years part-time flexibles ( PTFS ) have questioned why their overtime rates of pay were calculated differently than full-time employees. Now we have Postal Support Employees (PSEs), and their overtime rates are calculated differently as...

e-Team Report, Sept. 20, 2013

Guffey Testifies at Senate Committee Hearing on Postal Reform, Senators Question Service Standards Second Postal Hearing Scheduled Postal Service to Default on Pre-Funding Payment for 2013 Conservative Lawmakers Threaten Government Shutdown and...