Contract Timeline

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), also known as a union contract, between the APWU and the USPS expired on Sept. 20, 2018. The contract determines wages, benefits and conditions of employment. On December 21, 2018 the APWU and USPS announced negotiations were at an impasse. Arbitrator Stephen B. Goldberg has been appointed as the impartial chair of the tri-partite interest arbitration panel and scheduled the opening day of the hearings for September 4, 2019. The next arbitration session was scheduled for September 24, 2019.

Latest Contract Negotiation News

September 12, 2019

Interest Arbitration Next Session - APWU Rank and File Witness Panels

During the next session of interest arbitration (Sept. 24-26), postal workers from the workroom floor will serve as key...

September 11, 2019

Preparation for Interest Arbitration

(This article first appeared in the September/October 2019 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)  The interest...

September 10, 2019

Opening Day Testimony

(This article first appeared in the September/October 2019 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)  As your...

September 6, 2019

President Dimondstein's Arbitration Opening Day Testimony and Message to the Members

President Dimondstein's interest arbitration opening day testimony link and video message

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Here are some ways you can show your solidarity and keep up-to-date on our contract online:

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Message From the President - Arbitration Opening Day

President Dimondstein's video message to the membership about the Opening Day of Interest Arbitration.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Members #PostalSlam

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Conference attendees from the Northern Virginia Area Local tell you what they're fighting for!

APWU Members 'Geared Up'

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#PostalSlam Challenge

As we're gearing up for interest arbitration on Sept.4, we need that #APWUnited solidarity support. The #PostalSlam challenge is here to tell Postal Management that we are a united force to be reckoned with! We love our union. We love our careers, and we deserve a GOOD CONTRACT NOW! Tell us what you love about your union and your job - Post your own #PostalSlam on social media and tag us #APWUnited! Here's Maintenance Craft Director Idowu Balogun, Clerk Craft Director Clint Burelson, Support Service Craft Director Stephen Brooks, MVS Craft Director Michael O. Foster and National Contract Campaign Coordinator Vi Ward to kick-us off! Let’s show management - WE ARE THE UNION!

What We're Fighting for!

In June 2018, the APWU opened formal negotiations with management. Some of the APWU’s major goals for negotiations include: 

  • Ensuring job security, including protecting no lay-off provisions and limiting sub-contracting; 
  • Providing fair pay raises that reward postal workers for their hard work and contributions; 
  • Bridging the gaps between the divisive “three tier” wage and benefit structure; 
  • Protecting and expanding career jobs;
  • Uplifting the Postal Support Employee (PSE) workforce;
  • Holding abusive managers accountable; 
  • Expanding and enhancing postal services.

Negotiations are never easy. They are especially challenging in the current political environment. The APWU’s success will depend on how much power and leverage can be mustered with member involvement and public support.

By successfully doing this in 2015, the union made real progress in the last contract. 

Over the next year, the APWU will be building momentum, utilizing contract action teams, wearing union gear and educating postal customers. There will be many opportunities – and much need – for members to get involved as the fight continues into interst arbitration. 

Contract Action Teams

The American Postal Workers Union has embarked on a campaign to involve union members in the fight for a good contract. This means sharing information on the workroom floor and winning community support for the struggle to secure better service and good jobs.

Contract Action Teams (CATs) are designed to fulfill this mission. CATs will be the principal method of informing and mobilizing members.  The more members that get involved, the better!

CATs can:

  • Share flyers with updates about negotiations and upcoming activities;
  • Establish a text messaging group, email list or newsletter;
  • Conduct outreach to potential allies beyond the Postal Service to explain why their support is needed;
  • Organize activities, such as T-shirt days, button days, sticker days, etc., to publicize the issues, and
  • Develop new ideas for building support for our goals.

Local leaders interested in participating should complete a CAT sign-up form. Click here for a downloadable CAT form!

Fired Up and Ready to Go!

Contract Negotiations Opening

American Postal Workers Union members from coast-to-coast say why they are FIRED UP AND READY TO GO for contract negotiations!