Deliberations Continue on Constitutional Resolutions

Acting on the first resolution reported by the Constitution Committee during Wednesday’s session, as a cost-savings measure, delegates amended the APWU Constitution, shortening the time frame for National Conventions from five to four days.  The...

Union to Keep Unoccupied Officer Positions Vacant

The National Executive Council has taken the first steps toward reducing the number of national union officers by voting to keep vacant four soon-to-be unoccupied positions.

National Executive Board Amends Constitution To Comply with Federal Law

The National Executive Board (NEB) has amended the APWU Consitution and the APWU Health Plan Consitution to comply with provisions of the Affordable Care Act. In making the change, the NEB exercised its authority under Article 22.2 of the union’s...

National Executive Board Removes Constitution Provision in Conflict with Law

The National Executive Board (NEB) has removed from the APWU Constitution & Bylaws a provision that was in conflict with federal law.

Constitution Committee Reviews Convention Resolutions

The union’s Constitution Committee convened at APWU headquarters in Washington, DC, on June 16 to begin reviewing resolutions submitted by APWU state and local unions to amend the APWU Constitution and Bylaws. The resolutions will be debated and...