Vehicle Operations & Maintenance Assistants

The qualification standards for Vehicle Operations and Maintenance Assistant positions — VOMAs — were revised in January 2003. VOMAs are “all-craft” positions and can be bid on by members of any craft. VOMAs are not qualified to make major repairs.

HCR Notice

This list shows the HCR (Highway Contract Route) solicitations the union was notified of since 1999. Local managers often tell union representatives that the national union was notified of these solicitations, when, in fact, notification has not...

Dispute Over Limitations on Casual Employee Assignments is Appealed to Arbitration

The APWU has appealed to arbitration a dispute involving the provisions of Article 7, Section 1.B.3 of the National Agreement that prohibit casual employees from performing assignments requiring training and testing. 

Dispute Over Restrictions on Casuals Hired for Dual Assignments Appealed to Arbitration

The APWU has appealed to arbitration a dispute concerning whether the provisions of Article 7.1.B.3 of the National Agreement that prohibits casuals from performing assignments that require training and testing includes PMRs (Postmaster reliefs)...

Dispute Over Reassignment of APWU Bargaining-Unit Employees to Other Craft's Vacant Assignments

The APWU initiated a dispute over whether there is a disagreement between the parties regarding Article 12.5.C.5.a(4) or similar provisions of the National Agreement, and applicable provisions of handbooks and manuals, concerning reassignment of...