10 Roads Express Drivers Vote “Union Yes” in Brandywine, MD

August 11, 2023

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Workers from 10 Roads Express in Brandywine, MD are celebrating a win after voting 27 - 3 in favor of joining the American Postal Workers Union.

The Maryland-based drivers, who perform mail transportation services for the Postal Service, are the fourth 10 Roads Express location to unionize with the APWU since 2022. They petitioned to join the union because of management disrespect, favoritism, lack of safety, and not being paid for all hours worked.

During the organizing campaign, management sent union busting consultants to their job sites in an attempt to intimidate workers from joining the union. However, the workers prevailed with an overwhelming majority to unionize with the APWU.

“Congratulations to the workers of [the] 10 Roads Express company for taking this monumental step to unionize. It has been a pleasure meeting with and learning from each of you, while planning your election through the APWU Outside Organizing team,” said Nations Capital Southern MD Area Local President, Dena Briscoe.

“10 Roads management must get the message that we no longer want to [be] disrespected, treated as expendable, and dismissed at will” said 10 Roads Express driver and organizer, Elias White. “As a union driver protected by the union… we have an equal playing field to voice ourselves without being easily replaced… I am glad that I was part of this movement that [is] taking place around the country with 10 Roads drivers.”

“I congratulate the 10 Roads Express drivers in Brandywine on this overwhelming victory and welcome these new members into our union,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “I’d like to thank lead organizer Rich Shelley and Nations Capital Southern MD Area Local President, Dena Briscoe for their efforts in supporting this campaign for dignity, respect, and protection against unfair decisions made by management. There is power for workers when they join together collectively and form a union.”

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