10 Roads Express Workers Say “APWU YES!” Again, and Again

October 18, 2023

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Workers from 10 Roads Express in Capitol Heights, MD voted 14-4 to join APWU in the 6th successful union campaign in 2023. 

The victory on Oct. 10 was the second win in Maryland, following the drivers’ victory in Brandywine in July. A total of six 10 Roads Express units have voted “APWU YES” since 2022.

Drivers at the capital-area facility reached out to APWU organizers because of their experiences with poor management, favoritism, and disrespect on the job. Management responded to their drivers’ desire to form a union by sending in union-busting consultants.

Kendrick Tucker-Kittrell, a 10 Roads Express Driver at the Capitol Heights location, expressed his hope that the victory will bring improvements to the workroom floor. “I hope that we can make it a safe working environment where we can actually thrive and where managers care about the drivers and care about the people who work for the company. I’m just happy that the people [have] a voice inside the big company.”

Reacting to the news, Arrion Brown, Support Services Director, said: "The Capitol Heights 10 Roads Express drivers have joined many other drivers from the company who have chosen a strong union voice against the company's authority. We welcome them and are proud they chose to join the APWU."

The October victory in Maryland follows an August win in for workers Richmond, VA, where 10 Roads Express drivers voted unanimously, by 17 votes to 0, to join the APWU. Shortly after the result in Richmond was announced, driver and organizer Roland Weeden reflected on the win, saying “It means we have a say, and we are not people [that] they can fire at will. We do our jobs, get the mail across the country, and it’s good to have that union support. Keep pushing forward and it will come through.”

“I congratulate the 10 Roads Express drivers in Richmond and Capitol Heights on these wins, and welcome these new members into our union,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “I’d like to thank APWU Lead Field Organizer Rich Shelley, organizer Chuck McFarland, assigned as lead on the campaign, as well as the organizing team, Lori Cash, and Ray Scanlon for their efforts in supporting this campaign. These successful campaigns are yet another example of the worker power that 10 Roads Express drivers have exhibited in their recent organizing campaigns. The message remains the same, if you want better wages and benefits, dignity and respect, and protection against unfair management decisions, you need a union.”


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