Albuquerque Truckers Vote "Union Yes" to Join the APWU

Drivers for Albuquerque Mail Service (AMS), a private freight company that provides contract mail hauling services in Albuquerque, NM, voted to join the APWU on Jan. 9, 2024.

Detroit Amazon Workers Organize for Respect with APWU

Amazon workers in Detroit’s DTW1 plant are working with APWU organizers for a real voice, power, and justice in the workplace. Read their origin story:

10 Roads Express Workers Say “APWU YES!” Again, and Again

Workers from 10 Roads Express in Capitol Heights, MD voted 14-4 to join APWU in the 6th successful union campaign in 2023.

10 Roads Express Drivers Celebrate Unanimous “Union Yes” Election Win in Richmond, VA

Drivers for 10 Roads Express in Richmond, VA voted 17-0 to join the APWU. The Richmond drivers are now the fifth 10 Roads Express location to unionize with the APWU since 2022.

10 Roads Express forced to reinstate union organizer after successful strike action

Drivers for USPS contractor, 10 Roads Express, in Peoria, IL, are celebrating the reinstatement of a union leader, who was fired just hours after they won their vote to form a union.