Albuquerque Truckers Vote "Union Yes" to Join the APWU

March 22, 2024

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Drivers for Albuquerque Mail Service (AMS), a private freight company that provides contract mail hauling services in Albuquerque, NM, voted to join the APWU on Jan. 9, 2024.

The drivers filed for a union election in December because of numerous, long-standing issues regarding pay, transparency, and wage stagnation. Workers also cited the loss of vacation benefits as a reason for unionizing.

Many AMS drivers have pushed for unionization for a long time. As the problems workers faced increased, more of their fellow workers joined the cause. They reached out to New Mexico State APWU Vice President Charles Trujillo for guidance, who put them in touch with Albuquerque APWU Local President Kenny Fajardo about starting their organizing campaign.

During the organizing campaign, AMS management employed scare tactics to discourage workers. However, the majority of workers stuck together, including truck driver Joe Baca, Jr. who has worked at AMS for 36 years. He provided words of encouragement, saying that “anybody [who] wants to unionize should. Stick together and just keep fighting no matter what scare tactics they use, just keep going forward and you’ll be successful.”

“These are exciting times and we look forward to integrating the AMS drivers into the Albuquerque Local," said Fajardo. "We will strive towards a respectable contract that we can build on. The APWU has always been a progressive union through good times and bad. We want the same for our sisters and brothers of the AMS.”

“I heartily welcome the AMS workers into the APWU” said President Mark Dimondstein. “The campaign was a terrific collaboration between Albuquerque local president Ken Fajardo and other local activists, and APWU Lead Field Organizer Rich Shelley along with Lori Cash, Chuck McFarland, and Ray Scanlan. I congratulate all involved!” ■

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