e-Team Report, March 28, 2013

March 23, 2013

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APWU Denounces Plans to Speed up 53 Plant Closings

USPS has notified APWU that the agency plans on accelerating the closures of 53 mail processing plants.  The plants were slated for closure in 2014 but in a March 26 letter to APWU President Cliff Guffey the agency stated “a decision has been made to advance the implementation of the sites on the list to 2013.”

The lack of an adequate Congressional response to relieve the Postal Service from the onerous financial burden it faces under the pre-funding mandated has resulted in a series of draconian measures to cut jobs, slash service and will only destroy the agency’s network.

President Guffey has condemned the plans to accelerate closures in a statement released by APWU yesterday.  “The closures will eliminate jobs, harm communities and delay mail delivery every day,” said Guffey.

To read APWU’s statement on USPS’ plan to accelerate plant closings, please click here.

Postal Service Protection Act

As this regrettable move by the Postal Service to accelerate the closure of processing plants demonstrates, the time for meaningful postal reform is now!  Last month, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) introduced the Postal Service Protection Act, which addresses the fiscal mess Congress helped create, protects delivery standards, and allows the Postal Service to develop new products and services, so that it can remain relevant in the digital age.

We urge all APWU members to contact their members of Congress and ask that they sign on as cosponsors of this important legislation. 

To send a letter or email message to your legislators in support of S. 316 and H.R. 630, please click here.

To speak with your legislators’ DC offices, please click here  to find your senators’ phone numbers and click here to find your representative’s phone number.

APWU Membership by Congressional District

After the 2012 redistricting, most congressional district boundaries have moved.  The moving congressional district lines can greatly change which legislators represent the membership of a local.  If you are an officer of a state, local, or retiree chapter and would like a breakdown of your membership by congressional district, you can request this information from the APWU Legislative & Political Department by calling (202) 842-4211 or responding to this message.

Preserving the Post Office is Congress’ Legal Duty

The continued decimation of the Postal Service’s financial health, labor force, facilities and service standards is pushing the institution to the brink of collapse.  Our elected officials in Congress are charged with the duty to uphold the Constitution – the entire Constitution, including the part requiring the establishment of a postal service!  Allowing USPS to be legislated to death through PAEA’s pre-funding mandate abandons Congress’ obligation to enforce and support a Constitutionally-created institution.  Congress has failed to adopt reforms that address the root of the Postal Service’s problems.  If Congress continues to fail to meet their responsibility to support this treasured institution, the robust postal system that has supported the growth of our nation for over 200 years will disappear or be reduced beyond usefulness.  It is imperative members of Congress and their constituents – us – push for postal legislation to saves America’s Postal Service.

For more on Congress’ Constitutional duty to preserve the Postal Service, please click here.

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