Saving the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund

Visit or use the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), Charity Code 10268

October 4, 2018

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(This article first appeared in the September/October 2018 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) 

By Human Relations Director Sue Carney

Your donations are needed to sustain the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF). PERF is a nonprofit charitable organization.

When disaster strikes and all is lost, PERF provides tax-free relief grants to postal employees and retirees to help them reestablish a home and replace necessities. PERF has provided more than $19 million in assistance to postal families during its 28-year history, but meeting its mission has become increasingly difficult over the last decade.

Fundraising rule changes imposed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and an increasing number of major disasters have had devastating consequences on the Fund’s operating expenses. In the past 10 years 1,290 natural disasters have been declared across America; half were deemed major in magnitude and no state was exempt. 2017 weathered several extensive wildfires and three cataclysmic hurricanes that caused widespread flooding and heart-wrenching destruction.

The sum of these catastrophes, in combination with consecutively dismal yearly fundraising campaigns, has taken a toll on our postal families and PERF’s remaining funds.

PERF is your charity. It is equally managed by all postal unions and management associations, and funded almost entirely by postal workers, retirees and friends.

Yet less than 1 percent of the postal workforce made contributions to the Fund last year. We are all potential victims. If we want PERF to survive through the next round of disasters and be there for us in the future, each of us must do our part.

We don’t have to break our piggy banks to replenish PERF’s funds. Making small, recurring tax-deductible donations – as little as $2.00 per pay period or $5.00 per month – can make a big difference.

Giving is easy. There are several ways to contribute. Secure one-time donations and scheduled monthly contributions can be made any time of the year by credit card or through PayPal by visiting Donors without a PayPal account can give as a PayPal guest.  Donations may also be mailed, payable to PERF, at POB 7630, Woodbridge, VA 22195.

Combined Federal Campaign

We can also give through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Participating in the CFC allows employees to give to PERF and other charities by authorizing automatic, biweekly payroll deductions.

Retirees can contribute too by authorizing monthly annuity withholdings. Using red or black ink, complete the retiree or employee pledge form located on the adjoining page. Write “10268” in the Charity Code Boxes and indicate in whole dollars the “per deduction amount” you want withheld for PERF. Be sure to sign and date the form. Failure to follow these instructions could indefinitely suspend your gift.

Employees should submit their forms to the USPS District Campaign Manager via their immediate supervisor before January 11.

Retiree forms should be mailed directly to the CFC Processing Center address listed on the form and postmarked, also no later than January 11.

Authorizations apply to the 2019 calendar year but donors can cancel their withholdings at anytime. PSEs must call the Postal Accounting Service Center, 877-477-3273 option 1, to resume charitable deductions after their 5-day break. Pledge questions should be directed to CFC Customer Support at 800-797-0098.

To pledge on line or to review a full list of participating charities visit

No One Thinks Disaster Will Happen To Them
Take Two Minutes ~ Give Two Dollars ~
Recruit Two Co-workers
To Give To PERF

Our supply of the CFC pledge forms is intended to ensure all employees and retirees have the opportunity to give to PERF and other favored charities. Doing so does not diminish an employee’s right to voluntarily participate, review charities and make selections on-the-clock.

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