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E.g., 02/03/2023
E.g., 02/03/2023

Department of Labor Announces New FECA Procedures for COVID-19 Cases

January 30, 2023
The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) expired on January 27. The APWU has opposed the expiration of those provisions of the act that protected federal workers who contracted COVID-19 (COVID). We are providing the following as information to...

Questions and Answers: In-Service Examinations, Register & Eligibility Ratings

January 23, 2023
On Jan. 18, 2023, the parties signed off on national Questions & Answers on the In-Service Examinations, Register and Eligibility Ratings MOU. As a reminder, on an annual basis during the month of March, all career employees have the opportunity...

A Year In Review: A Look Back at 2022 and Looking Forward to 2023

January 17, 2023
Happy New Year, union family! As the 118th Congress begins, Legislative & Political Director Beard takes a moment to reflect on some notable legislative accomplishments of the APWU in the last Congress.

NLRB Charges 10 Roads Express for Violations of the National Labor Relations Act

January 13, 2023
On Jan. 3, 2023 the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) charged USPS contractor 10 Roads Express and specific named managers with multiple violations of labor law in a campaign against workers who were unionizing their...

Dr. King’s Legacy of Peaceful Direct Action is a Model for Us Today

January 13, 2023
Thanks to a many-year struggle that culminated in the successful 1984-1987 union contract, APWU members have the right to observe the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on January 16th. As we enjoy this off day in the manner of our choosing, I would...

Vote By Mail is Better Than Ever

January 13, 2023
The U.S. Postal Service issued a Post-Elections Analysis Report on the delivery of 2022 mid-term Election Mail on Jan. 9, 2023. The analysis reported that the Postal Service delivered more than 15.4 million ballots through the mail between the Sept...

Looking Back: This Time in Our Labor History - Martin Luther King Jr.

January 13, 2023
On Monday, we observe the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day federal holiday, honoring one of our nation's all-time great civil and workers’ rights leaders. But winning the holiday to recognize King’s legacy was a struggle in itself.