Dispute Over Reassignments of Partially Recovered Employees

This grievance involves the failure of the USPS to use craft seniority when making wholesale rehab/limited duty assignments after reassessing all of the medically restricted assignments in an installation. 

Dispute Filed Over USPS Failure to Create Bargaining Unit Jobs at Greensboro HRSSC

The APWU has filed a national-level dispute over the Postal Service's failure to create bargaining unit positions at the Human Resources Shared Services Center (HRSSC) in Greensboro, NC. The union contends, among other things, that this is work that...

Dispute Filed Over Failure to Implement the MOU re: Electronic Access

The APWU has initiated a national dispute over whether the Postal Service's failure to reach agreement on the means to provide access to APWU representatives for electronic inspection and review of documents, files and other records necessary for...

Dispute Filed Over Automatic Recertification Requirement for FMLA-Covered Condition

The APWU has filed a national-level dispute over the Postal Service's practice of requiring employees to automatically provide new medical certification (recertification) for a serious health condition with the first absence in a new leave year,...

USPS Proposed Revisions to ELM Sections 512, 513 and 515 Appealed to Arbitration

The APWU has appealed to national-level arbitration an Article 19 Notification concerning USPS proposed changes to ELM subchapters 512, 513 and 515.