Dispute: Global Settlement re: Violations of Article 1.6B.

This dispute involves the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Global Settlement of violations of Article 1.6.B.

Dispute Over Consolidation of Districts Appealed to Arbitration

The APWU has appealed to arbitration a dispute over the Postal Service's unilateral consolidation of six USPS Districts. By letter dated May 12, 2009, the union was informed that six district offices had been consolidated and that effective July 4,...

Dispute Filed Over USPS Failure to Provide Notification of Subcontracting to Locals

The APWU has initiated a national-level dispute over the Postal Service's failure to comply with their obligations under Article 32.1.C of the National Agreement to furnish notification to locals of subcontracting of bargaining unit work at the...

Dispute Initiated Over Revisions to Contract Postal Unit Handbook

The Union has initiated a national dispute over the issuance of a new Publication 156, "Postal Employees Guide to Contract Postal Units", that replaces the Handbook AS-707-F, "Contracting for Contract Postal Units."

Dispute: Unencumbered/Unassigned Regulars

This Step 4 dispute protests management plans to designate Part-Time Flexibles and Part-Time Regulars as unencumbered or unassigned with non-traditional schedules when they are converted to regular on Aug. 27.