APWU Young Members Begin Inaugural Conference

Sept. 29, 2023 marked the beginning of the inaugural APWU Young Members Conference. It was the first conference organized and directed by the Young Members Committee (YMC), which APWU members established in 2016.

Secretary Treasurers Training Opens Ahead of 2023 All-Craft Conference

On Friday, Sept. 29 Secretary Treasurers from across the country convened at the Horseshow Hotel in Las Vegas, NV to kick off day one of Secretary Treasures Training before the 2023 All-Craft Conference.

All-Craft Conference: Postal Clerks Are “One family fighting together for all!”

On Wednesday October 30, the Clerk Craft held its General Session after days of in-depth training at the All-Craft Conference.

All-Craft Conference Gets to Work on Contract and Climate Change

Following the day’s General Sessions and workshops on Tuesday, October 29, the focus turned to two important APWU priorities: the fight against climate change, and the work of the Contract Action Teams (CAT) to mobilize members and locals during...

Motor Vehicle Service and Retirees' General Sessions take place on Tuesday at All-Craft Conference

On Tuesday, October 29, the All-Craft Conference continued into its third day. Motor Vehicle Service Craft and Retirees both held their General Sessions.