Correction: All-Craft Conference Dates

The July-August edition of The American Postal Worker magazine listed incorrect dates for this year’s All-Craft Conference.

Constitution Committee Reviews Convention Resolutions

The union’s Constitution Committee convened at APWU headquarters in Washington, DC, on June 16 to begin reviewing resolutions submitted by APWU state and local unions to amend the APWU Constitution and Bylaws. The resolutions will be debated and...

Convention Screening Committee Begins Review

Preparations for the union’s National Convention ramped up this week, as the Screening Committee met in Washington, DC, to begin the process of sorting through hundreds of resolutions that will be considered by convention delegates.

Onsite Children’s Activities Violate Local Regulations

While delegates to the last several APWU national conventions have had childcare services available to them, a recently-passed local ordinance means that the union will be unable to coordinate activities for children at this year’s gathering in Las...

Union Restructuring Committee Meets

The APWU restructuring committee, which met for the first time during the All-Craft Conference in Las Vegas, was addressed by President William Burrus during a teleconference meeting on Dec. 19. Burrus assured participants that he would not attempt...