A Grievance Procedure That Works for You

(This article first appeared in the March-April 2015 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.) With contract negotiations underway, the APWU negotiating team, like you, is concerned about the future of the Postal Service and the thousands of...

Arbitration Advocacy Training

The Research & Education Department offers comprehensive training to APWU activists on a wide array of topics, dedicated to providing union officers and stewards with the skills they need to enforce the Collective Bargaining Agreement, motivate...

APWU Obtains Extension for the Electronic Grievance System

After several months of negotiating with the USPS, the APWU was successful in obtaining a five-year extension for the Electronic Grievance System (EGS).

Settlement Addresses Grievance Numbering Problem

The APWU and USPS reached an agreement in August to address a problem associated with grievance processing, Industrial Relations Director Tony D. McKinnon Sr. has announced.

Managing the Grievance Backlog

It’s been just about a year since I took office. Wow, how time flies! Since taking office, I have instituted a very aggressive arbitration schedule based on my belief that disputes at the national level must be resolved to bring closure and provide...