Second Day of Hearings On USPS ‘POStPlan’

A second day of arbitration hearings was held Sept. 19 on the APWU’s grievance protesting management’s “POStPlan.” The first day of hearings was May 1, when union presented its case.  The union charges that the plan, which resulted in a drastic...

APWU Expands Electronic Grievance Pilot

The APWU is expanding a pilot program for the Electronic Grievance System (EGS), APWU Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris has announced.

APWU, USPS Sign Agreement For Offices Without a Local Union Structure

The APWU signed an updated agreement Oct. 12, 2012, for Members-at-Large who work in small post offices that are not represented by a local union.

APWU, USPS to Begin Testing Electronic Grievance Program

The union and management are beginning to test the electronic transmission of grievance appeals, union information requests and other related documents and correspondence, Industrial Relations Director Mike Morris has announced.

Case Closed

Arbitrator Shyam Das has closed the record of an arbitration hearing regarding the number of hours postmasters in small offices may work.  A Memorandum of Understanding in the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement places strict limits on the...