APWU-Salmon & Sons Contract Expires End of February

The collective bargaining agreement between the American Postal Workers Union and Pat Salmon & Sons is due to expire Feb. 28. The agreement affects more than 500 private-sector mail-haul drivers represented by the APWU.

Private-Sector Workers Prepare for Job Action

With their initial contract due to expire at the end of the month, more than 500 private sector mail-haul drivers represented by the APWU are preparing a possible strike against Pat Salmon & Sons in the wake of the company's pronouncement that...

Half-Mile Move Prompts DHL Demand: ‘Re-Apply for Your Job

Shipping giant DHL is closing down a processing center near Allentown, PA, and opening a new facility, also near Allentown, PA. In fact, the two workplaces are a half-mile apart, which has not prevented the company from asking approximately 400...

DHL Ordered to Stop Interfering in Ohio

An NLRB Administrative Law Judge has ruled that DHL Express of Wilmington, OH, is guilty of the unfair labor practice charges lodged against the global-delivery company by the APWU late last year.

Preserve Private-Sector Jobs in Southern Ohio

An APWU drive to organize several hundred workers at DHL’s ABX “hub” in southwestern Ohio has shifted gears: The APWU is now at the forefront of a community-based campaign to try to preserve approximately 7,000 jobs.