Postal Nurses Merge With APWU

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In an overwhelming vote of 51 to 9, on Aug. 17 the National Postal Professional Nurses (NPPN) voted to merge with the American Postal Workers Union.

Pursuant to the APWU Constitution, the nurses will become a part of the Support Services Division, which will be responsible for contract negotiations, interpretation, and enforcement. The APWU National Executive Board approved the merger on Aug. 20.

Postal nurses will remain a separate bargaining unit and continue to be covered by a distinct collective bargaining agreement.

The NPPN represents about 140 nurses at 51 USPS facilities nationwide. Idell Mitchell, who has served as NPPN president since 1993, said that the nurses are excited about the many new training and representation resources that are available to them in the APWU.

“Some of our members feared talking to management,” she noted. “We want them to see how more experienced and aggressive APWU stewards interact with management and file and win grievances.”

APWU President William Burrus said, “We’re pleased to be adding this group of well-respected and dedicated professional employees.” The APWU has helped the organization out with legal support in the past, including for the 1994 interest arbitration when the nurses were unable to negotiate an agreement.

The NPPN has had collective bargaining agreements with the USPS since 1978, with its latest contract expiring on Aug. 17. The APWU will represent the NPPN at negotiations, which are set to begin Sept. 18.

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