USPS: No Excessing for Failure to Bid on NTFT Jobs

August 26, 2011

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The USPS has instructed Area Labor Relations Managers that employees may not be excessed because they fail to bid on Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignments. The notice was sent in response to union allegations that management is trying to force senior employees to resign or retire by threatening to reassign them outside of their bid office if they don’t bid on non-traditional jobs.

In an e-mail message to the field, the Area Manager for Labor Relations wrote, “APWU President Cliff Guffey has informed us that he has received reports from union representatives in the field that some managers have told employees that they will be excessed if they fail to bid on NTFT duty assignments.” NTFT assignments can range from 30 hours per week to 48 hours per week.

“If LR [Labor Relations] becomes aware of situations involving this allegation please ensure they are investigated and properly handled,” the message continued. "We have advised Mr. Guffey that of course, employees have the right to bid on posted duty assignments of their choosing and no employee may be excessed for failing to bid on any NTFT job.”

An article on the union’s Web site on Aug. 25, said Guffey believes management is trying to force senior employees to resign or retire by threatening to excess them. “If you work in an office with junior employees, they must be excessed from the office before you, whether or not they occupy non-traditional schedules,” he said.

“So don’t be intimidated to quit, and don’t be coerced into bidding on a non-traditional assignment unless you want it,” Guffey advised.

“I am pleased with management’s written response,” the union president said. “I look forward to hearing from our members that it is being adhered to in the field.”

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